Kate & Steve's Cave Hill Creek Wedding Sneak Peek

I didn't get to meet Kate and Steve until a short while before their wedding, when we needed to lock down the schedule for their wedding day. From what they told me that night, this wasn't going to be any ordinary wedding. No super tight schedule, no laundry list of formalities. This made for a super relaxed day, to concentrate on one thing, the presence of each other and the gathering of friends and family at a venue that reflected their spirited connection.

At no time I needed during our shoot session any direction, there was a beautiful natural energy between these two, truly an amazing spectacle.  They started off with a 'First look' which is a fun energetic way to start the day, followed by a walk with their bridal party through the stunning grounds of Cave Hill Creek to be finally greeted by their guests at the incredible ceremony location overlooking the lake.

Enjoy this sneak peek as much as I enjoyed being part of this day.