Merlinda and Tim's Engagement Session - RJ Hamer Arboretum

There is not much to say about these two, the photographs tell the story that Melinda and Tim are cuteness level 9000 and very much in love. 

Consider an engagement session as a way to get to know how I operate as a photographer and get a little taster of what imagery to expect on your wedding day. The session is super relaxed and I often suggest it is at a place special to you or doing something you love. You can use the pictures as an announcement to family, pictures to display at your engagement party or to use on your wedding invitation.  To enquiry about one, drop me a line on the contact form or talk about it at your consoltation. Session cost is $295 plus prints. 

Julie & John's Temple Blessing - Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple Springvale

This temple blessing was a first time for me, but I wasn't nervous! It actually was a lot of fun to photograph. There was beautiful details around the Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple in Springvale, the outfits were amazing and Julie and John explained to me proceedings beforehand. It also helped having a couple that are just beautiful that had no trouble showing each other they loved each other with incredible charisma.  I thought it was really special with only close family and the closest of friends present. After the official event I had the chance to photograph Julie and John on their own which contributed images to their final albums.

You too if you have a temple blessing planned, you have a  pre wedding tea ceremony or even would like an engagement session photographed, lets sit down and work out custom collection along with your wedding. Enjoy the photos!