When I curate a blog post for a wedding, I normally select 90-100 photographs, but in the case of Beatriz and Justin's Port Melbourne wedding I could barely keep it under 150! That was because there was something happening all the time. So much fun, love, tears and excitement. Especially when it came to the reception, the DJ dropped jam after jam making the crowd go wild all the way to the end at the sensational venue, The Pier. 

Enjoy the journey between these two gorgeous souls, and if you know anyone that has just become engaged, let them know what I can do for them.

Flowers by Woops a Daisy Cranbourne , Car service by Lux Limo, Bridal hair is by Hair by K, MUA: Calm Beauty Therapy, Reception venue Stylist: Leaf and Luxe, Cake by: Little Poilly Desserts.

Beatriz & Justin's South Melbourne Wedding Sneak Peek

Justin and I were great buddies in high school, so we have known each other for over 20 years. His incredible nature and fun loving attitude to life has attracted a beautiful woman equally full of life and love. I knew from the outset, these two would get married. I even jokingly said to them probably a good year or two ago that I'll be their photographer at their wedding. I'm glad I was in the end, because, the ceremony of bringing family together for the celebration of marriage was shown in its truest form, with displays of incredible mateship and strong bonds within their families. And the speeches, my god, Justin's son Jackson brought the house down leaving not one dry eye in the place. Please enjoy this little snippet of their day, sharing this post to your friends and family will grant you a lifetime of riches :)

Flowers by Woops a Daisy Cranbourne , Car service by Lux Limo, Bridal hair is by Hair by K, MUA: Calm Beauty Therapy, Reception venue Stylist: Leaf and Luxe, Cake by: Little Poilly Desserts.